Wednesday, June 2, 2021



Moving forward, post lockdowns, will you resume your life exactly where you left off, pre-Covid? 

Or, has lockdown-alone-time (see previous blog) revealed a need/desire for life changes? If so, the next step is compiling a revised To-Do List.

Generally, Baby Boomers' top To-Do List revisions involve relationships and places of residence. As expected, a few will be fairly easy to implement, others very difficult.

Are you one of the boomers who has decided to reconcile with estranged family and/or friends? Are you among those who have chosen to end negative relationships? If you have opted to do both, which will be easier for you to accomplish?

Certainly, a difficult To-Do item is solving cohabitation issues. A number of boomers realized too much lockdown-togetherness revealed incompatibility with romantic partners. For instance, traits that used to be tolerable have become intolerable (get on our last nerve) Now what?

Some couples are waiting for life to get back to 'normal' before making final decisions about cohabitation. Is it possible that reactivating social activities and being busy with outside distractions will lesson relationship tension? If not, it is decision time. Gasp!

Conversely, boomers who live alone realized too much isolation revealed the need/desire for companionship. Where do we find companions at this age?

One suggestion is to seek buddies: people to share specific activities and interests - without expectations and pressure for deep connection, i.e. workout buddies, movie buddies, concert buddies, et cetera.

Quite a few boomers have decided to relocate because travel restrictions revealed the need/desire to live closer to loved ones.

Moving to a new home in a new location is always difficult. It just is. However, the difficulty is usually temporary and worth it.

Additional To-Do List topics range from important resolutions to organize and complete 'end-of-life paperwork (Groan!) ... to trotting out the eternal pledge to be more active and improve eating habits. Didn't we ditch the fitness/lose weight pledge eons ago? But hey, maybe this time?


Baby Boomers are wise enough to expect obstacles to pop up throughout the To-Do List revision process.

Ideally: All obstacles are trivial and changes will go smoothly. Please!

Realistically: Several obstacles will be challenging to overcome and will require time, effort, patience, and commitment.

Harsh Reality: Lack of financial resources and/or medical issues may prevent boomers from reaching all goals. Hopefully, solutions are found to at least partially fulfill your list.

Whenever we encounter obstacles it helps to repeatedly remind ourselves why we are updating To-Do Lists. The intention is: To 'Live Our Best Lives.' Go for it!




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