Wednesday, May 26, 2021



The lockdown year may be described as 'An Adult Time-Out.' After all, we were cut-off from most, if not all, family and friends. Similar to being grounded, we could not go outside and enjoy fun social activities.

Distraction-free alone-time left Baby Boomers with only our thoughts for company. Uh-oh! Inevitably, we reflected on life's journey, thus far. Double Uh-oh!!

Mainly, boomers measured our happiness vs. unhappiness levels. Low happiness scores led to pesky questions, such as whether we had settled for less that what we actually want/wanted, regarding relationships (or lack thereof), living situations (where we live, with whom we live), et cetera.

And, that led to trips down memory lane, with occasional stopovers to ponder: 'what was I thinking when I ...;' 'why did I choose ...;' 'what decisions steered me to present circumstances ...;'  and other mysteries.

Some insights generated deep self-analysis in order to clarify decision-making rationale. Boomers attempted to unravel troublesome conundrums, such as: 'why do I have relationships with certain people, particularly relationships that lack joy and fulfillment but provide plenty of heartache and disappointment.'

These thought-sessions often concluded with the mind-boggling, always-powerful question: 'Why do people (I) stay in unhappy relationships?'

On the other hand, some of us reviewed significant breakups and decided at least one, maybe several, may possibly be repaired. As a result, quite a few boomers are in the process of mending long-standing feuds and reconciling with estranged family members and friends. Have you? Will you?


Typically, most Baby Boomers confronted past regrets back when we conducted midlife reviews. Then, many of us vowed to stop accumulating regrets, with the intention that our end-of-life reviews would be regret-free.

Do not be dismayed if lockdown introspections revealed you did indeed accumulate additional regrets. Or haven't completely let go of old ones. Most boomers have the same experience. Join the club.

Frankly, it is almost impossible to have zero regrets. Nonetheless, moving forward post lockdowns we have a chance for a fresh start.

Use this opportunity to aim high and once again declare vows of No More Regrets. Maybe Baby Boomers will be the ones to achieve this lofty goal. Hooray for us!!!





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