Wednesday, June 9, 2021



Baby Boomers do not need Captain Obvious to tell us the Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have adversely affected our lives. We. Know.

Despite all the hardships, there were a few positive outcomes.

One positive is that a lot of boomers, who pre-lockdowns were not computer proficient, have become tech-savvy. Most used this improved ability to explore the virtual realm. That is, connect more fully to the outside world, from home.

Being online gave us the opportunity to upgrade skills, awaken dormant talent, be entertained, and, of course, shop - either out of necessity or boredom.

A large portion of boomers enrolled in online classes to study languages, learn to play musical instruments, write memoirs, do DIY home improvements, and ... 

A number of us rekindled lost friendships via Internet searches. Did you?

Remember life before computers? Yep. All of us do. Thus, we do not need our imaginations to envision what the lockdown year would have been like if computers/Internet did not yet exist.

What was your initial reaction to computers and the Internet? Were you eager, tentative, or not interested?

Our interest levels were irrelevant if we had careers that compelled us to learn how to use this new technology, and learn quickly. It was especially helpful if we lived with, or near, 14 year-olds.

Even though it may have been a struggle at first, eventually most boomers acquired the basic skills to maneuver the mouse, picked-up 'geek' terminology, and overcame computer-intimidation. One huge challenge was overcoming the fear of making mistakes that would cause irreparable damage. Ahhhh... the good ole days.


Baby Boomers have indeed come a long way. Big applause to us for our amazing accomplishments.

Case in point: This blog exists and you are able to read it thanks to our awesome computer skills. Cheers!




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