Boomerlicious: Baby Boomers Are Redefining 'Old'

Baby Boomers continue our legacy of shattering traditions by transforming attitudes and behaviors associated with old. 

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Help! I Am Surrounded By Bitches: The Swamp Goddess Guide To Friendship Frenzy Amid Menopausal Mayhem And Aging Angst

~ Learn how to survive friendship frenzy, and thrive afterward. 

...Surrounded By Bitches... sheds light on a virtually
unacknowledged reality: Many long-standing women's friendships abruptly collapse, while others slowly unravel, during that ‘certain age’ between 40ish and 60ish.

This book is an entertaining blend of practical knowledge, relatable anecdotes, and effective solutions designed to inform, inspire, and guide the journey through the murky waters of menopausal/midlife friendships.

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What women are saying about Help! I am Surrounded By Bitches: The Swamp Goddess Guide to Friendship Frenzy Amid Menopausal Madness and Aging Angst.

“Who knew ‘friendship frenzy’ is common during menopause. ...Surrounded By Bitches... acknowledges that not all friendships are joyous or worthy of celebration. What a relief. I thought I was the only one."   MT – Florida

”An informative book about double milestone®  women written by a peer who uses her professional expertise and personal experiences in a manner I found comforting and reassuring.”   NA – California

“Dr Kyman taught me strategies to effectively communicate, end negative friendships, find positive ones and banish regrets. It’s about time I did that.”   LS – New York

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