Wednesday, March 31, 2021



Welcome Back

Remember the good ole days - when Baby Boomers were free to choose where to socialize, and with whom, maskless? 

Doesn't that seem like forever ago?

Way, way back in those days readers of this blog and of my book, Boomerlicious, were celebrating longevity by 'redefining and owning old', boomer-style.  

Along the way, were were transforming attitudes and behaviors associated with old.

Perhaps not all of us reached a celebratory mindset and maybe we didn't quite complete the transformation, but many boomers were headed in that direction.

Then ... Covid arrived with a powerful knockout punch and turned the world upside down.

Then ... The notorious '2 weeks to flatten the curve' policy went into effect. What a verrrry long 2 weeks it has been!!!

Then ... Rules were put in place that controlled our daily schedules, routine outings, social activities, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

NOTE: Obviously, lockdown rules vary based on locations. Some of us live in areas with severe restrictions, others in places with mild, barely noticeable disruptions. If you have lived the past year without restrictions, lucky you.

Now ... We mourn. For everyone who and everything that has been lost to Covid and lockdowns. Sadly, too many boomers have lost loved ones to Covid. Sincere condolences to you.

Now ... We worry. For everyone suffering with the virus and struggling to recover. 

Now ... We feel compassion. For everyone whose jobs have vanished and whose businesses have shuttered because of lockdowns.


Baby Boomers are renowned as the rebellious generation. Mostly, our collective self-image has been tied to our role as trendsetters intent on rejecting established traditions.

Because of Covid, our generation is now identified as 'vulnerable seniors' or, even more appalling, 'fragile seniors.' OUCH!

Although we acknowledge age-related vulnerability (and grudgingly admit some of us may be getting a bit fragile) it goes against our Baby Boomer self-image and pride to endorse this new identity. 

We will not. We can not. No. Nope. Never. 

Well ----- maybe when we turn 90.


Covid Pandemic And Lockdowns, Baby Boomer-Style (Part 2)



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